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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  December 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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reschedule today's game after linebacker jovan bell cher. casey wyan is in kansas city this morning. local media is indicating they had some sort of fight on friday night, maybe even following a concert. what do we know about this? >> reporter: well well, do know that police say there was some sort of a disagreement, randi, between the two friday night, early saturday morning, but in speaking to neighbors, they tell us that that is something that was very, very, very uncommon. as far as they knew the couple had lived together for about a year, and by all appearances got along great. we spoke with the next door neighbor who did not want us to use his name, said he often spoke with jovan. jovan didn't want to talk about football because the chiefs are undergoing a horrible season.
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only one win. he was very proud of their daughter 3 months old and that the couple seemed to be getting along very well. over a couple of weeks ago jovan's mother arrived to visit for the holidays, and she was there when that initial tragic shooting happened, randi. >> we also know that before he shot himself, he had some contact with his coaches, and he had a gun on him at the time. do we know what that conversation was about? >> reporter: all we know is that the police say that he was never a threat to the coaches. the coach, the general manager, another member of the chiefs' staff who met him outside the training facility just a short distance from here, they apparently tried to talk him out of harming himself, but were unable to do that. police were on their way when jov jovan belcher put the gown his
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head. we did speak to a man late last night that is the agent for both jovan belcher and head coach romeo. he said the chiefs staff, as you can imagine, is just shocked by this whole incident, but that they will go on, and the team decided that it's best to go on with the game today. i can't stress more, though, randi, that everybody who knew jovan said this was totally out of character. there were no signs of anything like this coming. it's just a shock to everyone here. >> and what about the couple's 3-month-old daughter who was also at the home at the time? >> reporter: 3-month-old daughter was at home work as i mentioned, jovan's mother. according to the kansas city star, they spoke last night with corbeck brady quinn, who says that players will be collecting or starting some sort of a fund to take care of that little girl who is now left without per parents. one more little bit of information that we can share
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with you about jovan belcher is his concern for children. his agent said he has a history of working with children. his next door neighbor said he paid local kids to dut his grass. really a tragedy. >> the only thing maybe perhaps we can be thankful for is that the child is so young and won't remember what happened there at that home. casey, thank you very much. a scary incident at last night's acc championship game between florida state and georgia tech. a 22-year-old man suffered serious, possibly life-threatening injuries, after falling through a fourth floor ramp outside the bank of america stadium in charlotte, north carolina. the charlotte observer reports the man fell between 40 and 60 feet. unclear why he fell. on a much different note the s.e.c. showdown sought two of the best teams in the nation battling not just for bragging rights, but a spot in the national championship game. alabama rolled right over the georgia bulldogs beating them
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32-28. the tide will play -- for the covet the bcs title. they're looking to win back to back titles and their third title in four years, which would be an unprecedented achievement. police are investigating a deadly bus crash at miami's international airport. two male passengers were killed, and others were hurt when the tour bus slammed into an airport overpass yesterday. investigators say the driver was unfamiliar with the route and drove on the wrong road. the bus had been chartered by a congregation of jehovas witnesses. bing mint netanyahu called the group's approval of the palestinian observer state bid an attack on zionism. palestinians hope the new status will give them leverage in their talks with israel, but netanyahu says his government will reinforce the start of settlements in any area israel decides. to afghanistan now where an attack on a joint u.s. afghan base has left five people dead
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and at least 18 others wounded. no reports yet of any casualties on the u.s. side, which happened near the jalal bad air force in eastern afghanistan. the journalist ben farmer. ben, good morning. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. can you tell us how this happened? >> well, it was an attack that happened around 6:00 this morning. there seems to be a very coordinated, quite complex attack. it began with two suicide car bombs at the jalalabad airfields. these attackers were armed with -- some of them were -- now, as they tried to get in, there was a two-hour firefight. the defenders of the base fought
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for two hours to keep them out. during that time helicopters on the airfield scrambled, took part m battle. they fired down on the militants. it was all over at about 8:00, 8:30. nato said that none of the militants managed to get inside the base. we understand there were nine that were all killed during the battle. also killed were four afghan private security guards who were guarding the gate and two civilians who had the misfortune to be passing by during the battle. >> this all took place on this base that was located in an area that nato recently turned over to afghan forces for security. how could this, do you think, affect security considerations moving forward? >> well, you are quite right that all eyes are on this security transition. the idea is that nato here built up the afghan forces. they take charge of combat duty
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and the forces that are here now for more than 11 years can go home. attacks like this will make people worried, and i'm not sure they will change the strategy. the handover of security duties has been going on for two years how. i think what this attack does is what security duties are handed over. they'll have a lot of security trouble on their hands. they will still have to fight a lot. >> journalist ben farmer in kabul for us this morning. ben, thank you. wanted, hundreds of pentagon spews to head overseas. the paper says as many as 1,600 undercover operatives, military attaches will be positioned around the world in a pentagon overhaul of the defense intelligence agency. they will be trained by the cia, but they will get their orders from defense department. "the post" says "the dia
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overhaul combined with the growth of the cia since the september 11th, 2001, terror attack wills created a spy network of unprecedented size. it adds the plan reflects the obama administration's afint for espionage and covert action over conventional force. the expansion reportedly still faces some hurdles, including creating cover assignments for all of these additional spies. political crisis in egypt. first it was the president versus protesters. now it's protesters versus the force. live to cairo. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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democracy is not one election, one time. >> secretary of state hillary clinton talking about egypt there. the country has been dealing with political turmoil and mass protest in the streets and there's a new twist today. egypt's supreme constitutional court has just issued a statement suspending its activity because of the protests. let's get more now from cnn's reza sayah that's in cairo. why did the court do this today? >> reporter: it looks like they were worried about their safety, randi." this is a big development, and these opposition factions behind us around going to like this, but this seems to shift the momentum in favor of the president and his supporters. this was the top court in egypt. they canceled a hearing where they were about to rule on the constitutionality of president morsi's decrees last week, and the constitutionalityality of this special panel that did the draft constitution. the government did a dismal black day, and the statement
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said they tried to walk in the courthouse, and the demonstrators in favor of the president had blocked the -- and climbed the walls and were chanting against the judges. they said in their statement because of the uncomfortable security situation, they suspended the hearing. no word on if or when they're going to reschedule this hearing, but if they would have ruled on these decrees, it would have been a direct challenge against the president. they didn't, and at this point it seems the path is now clear for the president and his supporters to get their way for this national referendum on december 15th to take place, where all egyptians will have the opportunity to vote on this constitution and force these opposition factions don't like this process. they believe they've been squeezed out to the sideline from the drafting of this constitution, randi. >> president morsi had issued a decree that really put him effectively out of reach of the courts, so it really is in a sense an indication of his
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growing power. >> he rejects any claim that he has dictatorial powers. he said when he was voted president he inherited legislative powers because there was no parliament, and he says he was elected to establish the democratic institutions in the best way to get the draft constitution done and to have people vote and he points out that if the referendum -- if the constitution is voted on all those controversial decrees will be anulled -- he hopes that's going to calm down these opposition factions behind us. we'll see what the coming days bring. >> reporter: look, the muslim brotherhood and president have widespread support. the muslim brotherhood is the most powerful political movement in egypt. they're the most organized movement. for the same reason president morsi was elected president by a small margin, many believe that
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this constitution will be approved on december 15th, randi. >> reza sayah in cairo. thank you very much. protests overshadowing this weekend's swearing in of mexico's new president. demonstrators clashed with police outside the congress building as enrique took the oath of office. they're upset his pri party is back in power. inside the building mexico's new leader promised return peace, prosperity, and security to the country that has been racked by killer drug violence. rescue efforts continue in scrappan following a horrifying accident. the highway tunnel west of tokyo collapsed, trapping cars inside, sparking fire. police say they have found several burned bodies in one vehicle. they're trying to get to at least two other trapped cars. it's not clear how many people may still every missed that tunnel. reality television star kim kardashian reportedly sparked
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fan frenzy in bahrain. crowds gathered for her appearance in an upscale mall. fans broke into hysterical screams, and there were also protesters on hand. some displaying banners that kim is not welcome here. police scattered them before kardashian arrived. a commonly prescribed drug given to teens and young kids is landing some nfl players with suspensions. are we seeing the started of a new trend? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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>> it was a shock to everybody. how kwoo something like this
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happen? there was no evidence of him doing things. i thought he was okay. i can't clarify that. i don't know what was wrong with him, but it's just a tragedy in itself. it's sad. >> friends and neighbors who watch kansas city chiefs linebacker grow up on new york's long island are shocked and saddened by this weekend's news. the 25-year-old nfl player shot and killed his girlfriend yesterday before turning the gun on himself. when you think of athletes and drug scandals, you probably go straight to steroids or human growth hormone, but what if i told you it was something else. it was adderall that's making headlines. it's helping teens and kids with adhd -- it could be gaining popularity as a way to help them memorize plays. joining us on the phone to help explain this is eric vincent of bleaker i want to get to that adderall
5:21 am
conversation in a moment, but fwirs i want to talk about the chiefs player that we've been talking about all morning. chiefs linebacker jovan belcher. as we said, he killed his girlfriend and himself in that murder-suicide. now, just a few months ago we saw the suicide of football player junior seau, another linebacker. do you think this could be related to the game? >> it's a lot of stress that comes along with the nfl. it's hard to pinpoint if it was strictly just the football. obviously, he must have had some sort of issues back at home resulting in the situation with his girlfriend. he might have had a 3-month-old daughter as well, so the fact that he took his life into his own hands in this kind of fashion showed that he might have had some issues outside of football. it could have been stress from the game, but it might have been more of a personal issue than football itself. >> sanjay gupta has done a whole lot of work on the affect of
5:22 am
concussions that are common in football. i'm just curious. do you think -- have you ever heard anything about him having a concussion and might that have played a role? >> not that i've been told. he was more of a role player. didn't play a ton. didn't see a ton of action with the chiefs. not sure if concussions or injuries had any kind of affect to it, but it's very unfortun e unfortunate -- prayers go out to his family and the chiefs organization. you know, them still having to play a game today is going to be a little hard for them to focus, but you can't help but root for kansas city at this moment in time. >> certainly. >> they are using it to help focus and help them memorize plays. why do you think the sudden increase? >> it seems like drug use in the
5:23 am
nfl has been pretty common for a while. it seems now adderall is the drug of choice to keep players a little more focused, a little more disciplined because, you know, football players in their mind they're supposed to be focused for an entire game, but realistically it's still three, three and a half hours, so it's going to be a little bit tough, so players try to find any kind of way to get a mental or competitive edge against their opponents, and now they're pulling for adderall. it's more common with defensive players. they don't rely strictly on the physical prowess. they like to be instinctive and have to think on their toes in the course of a game. as you see, they're reaching to try to get the advantage over their opponents with this drug. >> so this is really, i guess, by some being considered a performance enhancing drug, but two of the players who were suspended are appealing. what do we know about that? >> yes. richard sermon and brandon
5:24 am
broward, both backs, are trying to rea peel their suspension. there's a lot of players that have appealed. eric rice -- two cornerbacks in the nfl and it didn't go two successful. the outcome will likely be the same for browner and sherman. both very talented, both very gifted players, but, you know, the league has their strict rules. adderall is allowed, but you have to have a prescription, but according to abc sports research, over 75% of adderall users use is illegally. if it shows up in their drug test, the league will will come down on them with a harsh suspension, as you see here with four games. >> eric vincent, appreciate you weighing in on both of these important stories this morning. thank you. she ran away from a sect run by warren jefrs at the age of 16, but her family is still inside being punished for her escape. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again.
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welcome back to cnn sunday morning. i i'm randi kaye. the kansas city chiefs will play. jovan belcher shot and killed his girlfriend yesterday before heading to the team's practice facility where he turned the gun on himself in front of his coach and the team's general manager. the two had a 3-month-old daughter together. judges at egypt's supreme constitutional court are walking
5:29 am
off the job as protests continue in the country in what they call a dismal black day for egypt's judiciary. the judges say they will not return to work until they are guaranteed they are safe. this follows days of sometimes violent protests. supporters of embattled president mohammed morsi surrounded the court building today to keep the judges from entering. the court was due to rule on the parliament. nobody loved basketball and teaching kids more than rick. that's how one friend and colleague is remembering rick majerus. he has died at the age of 64. he stepped down from st. louis university last month for health reasons, and he had only one losing season in 25 years. this morning former president george h.w. bush remains in stable condition in a houston hospital. he is being treated for bronchitis and in a hospital now for more than a week. at 88 the world war ii veteran is the oldest living former
5:30 am
president. it is the latest chapter in the texas battle against polygamist sect leader warren jeffs. this past week the state attorney general's office announced it will try to seize jeffs' ranch where prosecutors say he and other leaders sexually abused children. joining us for today's faces of faith is a former member of jeffs' fundamentalist church and the woman who discovered that ranch's location. when jeffs initially told no one where it was. her name is flora jess up, the author of "church of lies." flora, good morning to you, and thank you for coming on the show here on this sunday. you escaped the sect when you were just 16 years old. how did you manage to do that? >> you know, back when i got out of the cult, it was very difficult. i was one of the first girls
5:31 am
that ever made it out of the group and lived. they have their own police force, so they would have routinely hunted down women and children that tried to escape from them, and it was very, very difficult to get out at that time. >> not only getting out as part of the difficulty, but even making the transition, i would imagine, once you have left the sect into a memorial society, if you will. what were some of the challenges facing you and even other church members on the outside? >> well, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of education that the children are getting, and that -- we've been taught that everybody outside the group is disciples from satan that are trying to drag you to hell, and so you're afraid of everybody, and just trying to figure out how to -- if you have ever read the book "1984" everything is taught backwards to you inside of the group so that you have to relearn essentially every single
5:32 am
thing you know. recognizing that your parents lied to you your entire life is very, very difficult for these children. >> i remember speaking with one former sect member that said even going to the grocery store and the scanner at the grocery store was something so new to them that they weren't even aware that things like this existed, but your father, a former sect spokesman, was actually kicked out, right, of the fundamentalist church of latter day saints by warren jeffs. he later sued him allegeding he was blackmailed and forced lie. what was it like for you and your family to play such a prominent role within this group? >> well, my -- that wasn't my father. willy jeffs is actually my cousin, so the jess upname is huge within the group. my uncle was the bishop, so there was a big connection within the group, and essentially there's two peoples
5:33 am
missed of the group, and that is one of the very rich and one of the very poor. i know what it's like to stand in both sides of that, and it's very troubling to watch the dynamics of the group now, the control that warren still has over the people and the -- with the texas taking this move to confiscate that compound, we're just a little bit worried about the family members and where they're going to be at because there's no way for us to track them once they leave that compound. that's a little bit hard for us to do -- to cope with right now. >> you still worry about them. getting back to warren jeffs. he is currently serving a life sentence after being found guilty of sexual assault against two girls, but as you said, he still in some ways is in control, controlling the cult, controlling the sect members from jail. why is that? how is he able to have such control of them from behind
5:34 am
bars? >> you know, he has the same rights as every other prisoner in this country. he gets phone calls. he gets letters. he gets visits. >> why do they still believe in him and follow him? >> because he has -- he had exerted such a mass control over the people at the time that he was convicted that for them to relinquish and he has forbidden any kind of access to newspapers, internet, television, anything like that, that the people don't understand or know what is going on, and they won't accept it any way because he has convinced them that it's all propaganda, it's all lies. he has gone so far in the last months to ban sex between married couples. he has determined that there are only 15 men in the group that can now father babies for heaven, and so men are being ordered to deliver their wives to one of these 15 men to be impregnated. he has told them they are no
5:35 am
longer allowed to eat corn and stuff like that. here most recently one texas issued this affidavit to confiscate that compound, he ordered the people to pack a backpack and told them specifically what to put in it and told them to be ready at a moment's notice. that's another cause for concern of what is he going to order next? >> getting back to this latest action by the state of texas, do you think that authorities are really doing enough to stop the abuse of children? i mean, certainly sounds like it's still continuing with the children who are there. what do you think should happen next? >> i think texas has done a lot compared to utah and arizona where the headquarters for the flds are, and i think the attorney general tom hon has taken a step in the right direction trying to dessert few the entire police department which gives the flds legitimacy here in arizona, but i think
5:36 am
utah continues to not only enable the flds and their abusive ways, but they help protect them, and it's very difficult to try and get services and things to these people because of that. >> flora jessup -- >> one of the other things i would just like to say is part of our biggest challenge right now is in the child protection service issue, is the cultural sensitivity. children do not have culture. adults do. you can put five children from five different countries in a room, and they're going to play together. it's when you introduce the parents that you have -- that the problems start coming, but we have a situation in our child protection services where they culturally sensitize facilities for the parents, and what that does is when a child that's abused comes into a facility that's been culturally
5:37 am
sensitized that child says, oh, stop, my abuser has control of this facility. we need to take a hard look at that. >> flora jessup author of "church of lies." we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you. well, tonight is the night. cnn heroes, our annual salute to those who help make life better. for those in need. someone you might know from dancing with the stars, knows a thing or two about lifting up others. he shares his thoughts. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve.
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42 minutes past the hour now. tonight is the annual tribute to our cnn heroes. an all-star event that -- one of those stars is j.r. martinez, who won "dancing with the stars." listen to how he describes the joy he feels when lifting up others. >> as a survivor you think you're all alone. you think you're the only person that has scars on your face or has, you know, skin graph on your hands. we all have a story. i joined the united states army in 2002, and deployed to iraq. i was driving a humvee, and my left front tire went over a land mine. i was in a medically induced
5:42 am
coma. 33 burns were on my head, my face, my arms, my hands, a portion of my arm and legs. while i was recovering, i remember asking one of the social workers how can i help burn survivors. she said there's a great organization called the phoenix society. they are teaching them different ways to cope. i went to this conference. everyone had big smiles on their face. i made a choice that i was going to be positive every single day, and i'm using this positivity to give back to other people. >> please welcome an inspiration to awful us, plus i hear he is a pretty good dancer, j.r. martinez. >> i got involved with cnn heroes because of my friend who was one of the cnn heroes of 2010. >> the second time being at the show i had the opportunity to present. >> please join me in honoring cnn hero taryn davis. >> this show is literally about highlighting people that are doing things to help better their communities. they've empowered so many people and saved so many lives.
5:43 am
this program highlights the real heroes that we have in this world that said, you know what, there's a problem, but instead of complaining about the problem, we're going to create the solution. i love coming to the show, ache part of this because i at the end of the day i feel inspired. >> i'm looking forward to being inspired tonight. i will be there along with anderson cooper and many others. be sure to catch the cnn heroes preshow special sharing the spotlight tonight at 8:00 eastern and then at 9:00. the main event all-star tribute. it all happens tonight right here on cnn. you definitely don't want to miss it. let's get you ready for the week ahead or the week ahead calendar. we are going to be watching the supreme court of the united states. awaiting a decision about whether we'll hear cases about the legality of same-sex marriage. it could come as soon as 9:30 tomorrow morning. be sure to stay tuned to cnn for that one. on tuesday the president will be
5:44 am
entertaining at the white house and will be meeting with governors there. they're going to be talking a whole lot about money, how to keep our economy growing, and, of course, how to reduce the deficit. on thursday we'll have all eyes on washington actually. talking about same-sex marriage. two very controversial changes in washington. same-sex marriage will become legal there, and we'll also, of course, they'll be legalizing pot. those over 21 can carry up to an ounce of pot starting on thursday in washington. on friday yet another jobs report. the november jobs report this time. 171,000 jobs were added, you may recall, in october, but experts think that maybe superstorm sandy might have slowed the growth this time around. we'll see if that really does have any affect on that jobs report coming out on friday morning. on saturday college football fans pay close attention here. the heisman trophy winner will be announced. we'll find out who the best player in college football
5:45 am
really is. who was the only sitting president married in the white house. if you know the answer, tweet me@randi kaye cnn. we'll have the answer after this quick break. [ abdul-rashid ] i've been working since i was about 16. you know, one job or the other. the moment i could access the retirement plan, i just became firm about it -- you know, it's like it just hits you fast. you know, you start thinking about what's really important here. ♪
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5:49 am
there for you. at 21 slees the youngest first lady in our nation's history. america's top diplomat has a pretty good sense of humor. at a forum on friday secretary of state hillary clinton was honored with a video tribute, and take a listen to what she noticed in particular about it. >> i prepared some remarks for tonight, but then i thought maybe we could just watch that video a few more times, and then the next time i could count the hairstyles, which is one of my favorite past times. >> something that is not a laughing matter is the fiscal cliff. we're now just one month away from the deadline with no clear solution in sight. candy crowley joining me for more on this. we've been talking about this for some time. what is the president -- what's the president doing, and what can he do really to avert this cliff, if anything? >> well, let's take, first,
5:50 am
everybody here is responsible. the democrats in congress and the republicans in congress and the white house. i can tell you that some folks are saying the president needs to get personally involved. we know that they had -- they meaning the leadership on capitol hill, republicans and democrats, and the president, had one meeting, and that there are, you know, meetings at the staff level going ownering but a lot of people think this is going to take a lot more muscle from the president in the room because m end this is a deal that will have to really be agreed to by the republican speaker of the house john boehner and the democratic president in the white house, barack obama. in the end that's where the deal is going to come. we're going to have to get his guys to vote with him, as well as nancy pelosi, who is the democratic leader. kind of pushing from what he
5:51 am
wants. there were a lot of republicans who were not 5u8 that pleased with it saying he ought to be back here. there were some democrats that thought she -- right now where are we? we are almost a month after the election, the fiscal cliff we've been talking about since this summer. they put it off until after the election, and we're now a month past it, and we are finding that democrats describe the two sides as very far apardon. >> absolutely. one guy who has been pretty busy is treasury secretary tim geithner. i know you're going to have an interview with him on your show this morning. we look forward to that, candy. nice to see you on this sunday. keep it here for "state of the union." it starts in about eight minutes at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. once again, you'll find that interview with treasury secretary tim geithner here on cmn. apple, ocean, blue angel. what's with all these, i guess you could call them unusual baby
5:52 am
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you're going to love this story here. all right. so it may be the cold months of winter, right, for some of us, but this pooch really knows how to cool off when it's hot out. having his own special pool party. apparently his owners set up this camera to catch what thae they thought would be some neighborhood kids using the pool, but they found out, yep, guess what, it was their own dog. so cute. kind of makes you miss the summer, doesn't it? look at him go. very, very cute. all right. siri, ocean, apple. seems like a fair amount of celebrities are giving these
5:56 am
kids off-beat names, but it's not just a problem in hollywood. it's camping on everywhere. in fact, dean is joining us live from boston. you have been investigating this. this is very serious stuff. you wrote an op ed on about it, so give us some of the craziest names that you've heard. >> i have been investigating it. this is a breaking story. this should be national. these are actually names in the new list that just came out that are popular for babies in 2012. siri, mac, mars. in 2011 there were mamz like moo. you know the sound the cow makes. moo. people named their baby moo, draper, graceland, tequila, and last year there was a baby named facebook. there will probably be a baby named gangnam style, twitter. i don't know where we're going with this, but i'm really determined about the children growing up with the most bizarre, off beat names that are not always a good thing for the kids. >> let's talk about some of what is behind this, though.
5:57 am
does this have to do with ego? is this because the parents want the child to stand out more, or is it really about the parents wanting themselves to stand out more? >> well, i blame celebrities. they started it. you have jayzee blue ivy, and the comedian has a baby named mocks pioli crime fighter, and bono has a baby named memphis eve. we caught it from them, and i do not think it has anything to do with the baby. it's about a parent saying look how clever i am. look how cute i can put words together that make no sense, and now my baby is stuck with it. the kid is stuck with it the west rest of their lives. it's part of their identity. have a little sense when you are giving a name to a baby. the baby, not you, but the baby is saddled with this name. >> you think this can impact a child's development? really? >> i do. yes. i'm clearly a psychologist. no, i'm not. i'm a comedian. in my article i do site good studies and research done by psychologists that show off beat mamz are not always good. it can lead to the child being
5:58 am
teased and disciplinary problems at school, and actually babies with low -- with names that have low economic socio status have been showed to be more likely to be labelled disabled, learning disabled. there's an impact on it, and i hope people will look at the article here. a patient to be, look at the article. there are great studies on a serious moat. take a look at them. >> your name, dean, has that ever caused you any problems? >> dean is an easy name. it's after oat beat i like it. we're not named after appliances. hello, parents. don't maim your kid after your appliance. or a hash tag. perhaps a hoax. perhaps not. don't name your baby after siri. it doesn't even work. what are you saying about your kid? dean for me was a good name. it was a compromised name. my parents are both ethmick. my dad is palestinian, my mom is italian. much easier life being dean. >> thank you very much.
5:59 am
great to see you. thanks, everybody, for watching today. state of the union with candy crowley starts right now. are sflirnks today republicans say the plan to avoid the fiscal cliff is a thelma and louise theory. >> we're trying to get these guys to come together and reach an agreement that's going to be good for the country and for the economy. >> then what now? with democratic senator mark warner and kelli ayote. benghazi and obama's second term. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union."